Sherihan Hassan

Sherihan Hassan


Specialized in:

General anxiety, eating disorders, awareness, educational counseling


• Holds a Master's degree in Psychology, Faculty of Arts, from Alexandria University.

• Holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University.

• Holds a diploma in psychological counseling for children and adolescents from the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

• Holds many courses such as cognitive-behavioral therapy for mental disorders

• Psychotherapy and primary care course for victims of sexual violence

• Psychotherapy art course.

Professional Experience:

• Worked as a psychotherapist at MSF for mental health and sexual violence for refugees and migrants.

• Worked as a psychologist in the RDDP project with refugees in Alexandria at Save the Children International.

• Worked as a psychologist at SCEMA Center for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.

• Worked as a Clinical Psychologist - British International School - American Section.

• Worked as a field coordinator and psychotherapist in raising awareness of HIV for adolescents and young people in the Aware Project in Alexandria in cooperation with UNICEF.

• Worked as a psychiatrist at the Dr. Yasser Abdel Qawi Center for Mental Health Services for Adults and Adolescents.

• Worked as a psychologist in the harm reduction project, the Youth Association for Population and Development, and the United Nations Preparing to Combat Crime and Drugs.


• Worked as a coordinator of the Mashwari project in the Youth Association for Population and Development and UNICEF. 


sara xxxxxx
27 days ago

دكتوره جميله جدا وشاطره جدا وودوده ارتحت جدا للكلام معاها ومن اول جلسه قدمتلي حلول وان شاء الله متابعه معاها باقي الجلسات ربنا يوفقها يارب♥♥♥

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