Sherihan Hassan

Sherihan Hassan


Specialized in:

General anxiety, eating disorders, awareness, educational counseling


• Holds a Master's degree in Psychology, Faculty of Arts, from Alexandria University.

• Holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University.

• Holds a diploma in psychological counseling for children and adolescents from the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

• Holds many courses such as cognitive-behavioral therapy for mental disorders

• Psychotherapy and primary care course for victims of sexual violence

• Psychotherapy art course.

Professional Experience:

• Worked as a psychotherapist at MSF for mental health and sexual violence for refugees and migrants.

• Worked as a psychologist in the RDDP project with refugees in Alexandria at Save the Children International.

• Worked as a psychologist at SCEMA Center for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.

• Worked as a Clinical Psychologist - British International School - American Section.

• Worked as a field coordinator and psychotherapist in raising awareness of HIV for adolescents and young people in the Aware Project in Alexandria in cooperation with UNICEF.

• Worked as a psychiatrist at the Dr. Yasser Abdel Qawi Center for Mental Health Services for Adults and Adolescents.

• Worked as a psychologist in the harm reduction project, the Youth Association for Population and Development, and the United Nations Preparing to Combat Crime and Drugs.


• Worked as a coordinator of the Mashwari project in the Youth Association for Population and Development and UNICEF. 


sara xxxxxx
3 months ago

دكتوره جميله جدا وشاطره جدا وودوده ارتحت جدا للكلام معاها ومن اول جلسه قدمتلي حلول وان شاء الله متابعه معاها باقي الجلسات ربنا يوفقها يارب♥♥♥

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