Aya Ragab

Clinical Nutrition Specialist
9 USD / Follow up
13 USD / Consultation

About the expert


·        Holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Mansoura University.

·        Holds a diploma in therapeutic nutrition from Mansoura University.

·        Holds a scope certificate.


·        Providing appropriate diets for all needs, psychological support, and reaching the desired weight.

·      Making diets for children, pregnant and lactating women, athletes and diabetics.


6 months ago

شكرا لدكتور أية رجب خلوقه ومحترمه جدا وفادتنى كتير أوى وجاوبة على كل أسألتى ربنا يجازيها خير . أسأل تطبيق ممتاز

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