Eslam Abdalrahim

Eslam Abdalrahim

Clinical Nutrition Specialist
17 USD / Consultation
26 USD / Examination

Specialized in :

Treatment and nutrition plans for obesity and thinness problems, nutrition programs for chronic diseases, nutrition programs for children and athletes , Therapeutic Nutrition.


·        Holds a Bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences, food science program, from Benha University.

·        Holds a Certificate of practicing the profession of nutritionist

·        Holds a Certificate of Excellence in Biology from the Shubra Institute

·        Holds a Certificate of health inspection of food factories

·        Holds a Certificate from the Institute of Leadership Development in Helwan

·        Member of the Conference Committee on Food Sciences, Benha University.

Professional Experience:

·        Worked as a Nutritionist in several clinics, including the Blue Diet Clinic and the Ponce Obesity and Thinness Clinic.

·        Worked as a Supervisor on food factories such as Juhayna, Almarai, Egypt Foods and Bisco Misr.

·        Trained in several centers specialized in obesity and thinness.

·        Obtaining the satisfaction of more than 2000 customers with impressive results in the field of obesity and thinness.

·        Worked as a Supervisor on several factories in the field of food in terms of food health and safety.

·        Participation with a group of experts specialized in the field of therapeutic nutrition in developing systems that have an effective impact on obese and underweight patients.

·        6 years of experience in the field of therapeutic nutrition, especially those related to obesity and thinness.

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