Eslam Abdalrahim

Clinical Nutrition Specialist
18 USD / Follow up
26 USD / Consultation

About the expert


• Holds a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences, food science program, from Benha University.

• Holds a certificate of practicing the profession of a nutritionist

• Holds a Certificate of Excellence in Biology from the Shubra Institute

• Holds a certificate of health inspection of food factories

• Holds a certificate from the Institute of Leadership Development in Helwan


• Working in several clinics, including Blue Diet, Ponce Obesity, and Thinness.

• I have deep experience, especially in preparing menus designed specifically to meet the health needs of each patient, especially obese and underweight patients while preserving the options offered from among the favorite foods.

• I have high skills in designing individual menus to achieve the best nutritional benefit for patients.

• Monitoring food factories such as Juhayna, Almarai, Egypt Foods, Bisco Misr, and many other food factories

• Training in several centers specialized in obesity and thinness

• Obtaining the satisfaction of more than 2000 customers with impressive results in the field of obesity and thinness.

·        Supervising several factories in the field of food in terms of food health and safety.

·        Participation with a group of experts specialized in the field of therapeutic nutrition in developing systems that have an effective impact on obese and underweight patients

·        6 years’ experience in the field of therapeutic nutrition, especially related to obesity and thinness.

·        Specialized in increasing and losing weight with herbs without the intervention of any kind of medication.


·        Member of the Committee of Conferences on Food Sciences, Benha University.

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