Esraa Mostafa

Esraa Mostafa

Psychologist and family counseling

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Denial, chronic anxiety, and paranoia


• Holds a Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Women, Ain Shams University.

• Holds a diploma in clinical psychology from the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University

• A member of the Egyptian Association of Psychologists.

• Holds training courses in dynamic psychotherapy, how to treat borderline personality, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorders, denial, chronic anxiety, paranoia, and appropriate treatment methods for each disease approved by Al-Hussein Hospital, Department of Psychiatry.

• Holds multiple courses in the field of addiction treatment (addiction treatment programs in all its steps, family therapy, double diagnoses, relapses, depression, anxiety, stress, and shock panic among addicts, certified by the Association of Psychologists and the Addiction Control Fund.

• Holds foundational courses in the skill of applying cognitive-behavioral therapy and the ethics of practicing the profession of psychotherapist accredited by Ain Shams University.


• Therapeutic, professional and practical experiences in the field of psychiatry, addiction treatment, psychological counseling, family counseling, and the work of therapeutic groups within a specialized team of the recovery clinic for psychiatry and treatment. Addiction and Al-Sahwa Clinic for Psychiatry and Addiction and Ishraq Clinic for Psychiatry and Addiction for more than 3 years.

• Worked as Body language and character analysis trainer, physiognomy and handwriting trainer, and NLP therapist certified by the Canadian Foundation for Human Resources and Psychology.


4 months ago

شكرًا جدًا لحضرتك، حقيقي وضحتيلي نقط كتير ما كانتش في الحسبان.. واتعاملتي معايا كأخت قبل أي حاجة، ربنا يجازيكي كل خير

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