Omar Abdelwahab

Omar Abdelwahab

Clinical Nutritionist
13 USD / Consultation
23 USD / Examination

Specialized in:

Develop therapeutic and nutrition plans for obesity and thinness problems, nutrition programs for chronic diseases, therapeutic nutrition


·        Holds a Diploma in clinical nutrition from Mansoura University.

·        Holds a Master's degree in clinical nutrition and public health from Suez Canal University.

Professional Experience :

·        Worked as a Nutritionist at Green Apple Clinics.

·        Worked as a Nutritionist at Ran Clinic.

·        Worked as a lecturer in Clinical Nutrition at the Capital Edupark Academy.

·        Worked as a lecturer in therapeutic nutrition at Glory Academy.

·        Worked as a Clinical specialist at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University.

·        Worked as a Clinical Specialist at Kobri El-Kobba Military Hospital.

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