Sara Samy

Sara Samy

Clinical Nutritionist
15 USD / Consultation
31 USD / Examination

About the expert

Specialized in :

              Treatment and nutrition plans for obesity and thinness problems, nutrition programs for chronic diseases, nutrition programs for children and athletes


·        Holds a Master's degree in therapeutic nutrition and treatment of obesity and underweight children and nutrition for pregnant women.

·        Holds a Professional Doctorate in the nutrition of athletes and patients with pressure, diabetes and immune diseases.

·        Holds the American Board of Obesity and Thinness Treatment and Nutrition for Pregnant Women and Athletes

·        Holds a Diploma in obesity treatment from the Pharmacists Syndicate

Professional Experience :

·        Worked as a Medical Consultant for Nutrife and Dr. Health for nutritional supplements

·        Worked as a Clinical Nutritionist, obesity and thinness in health clinics, Florida and Doro

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