Fatma AbdelHalim

Fatma AbdelHalim

Clinical Nutritionist
17 USD / Consultation
26 USD / Examination

Specialized in :

                 Treatment and nutrition plans for obesity and thinness problems, nutrition programs for chronic diseases, nutrition programs for children ,athletes and therapeutic Nutrition.


·        Holds a Master's degree in home economics, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

Professional Experience:

·        Worked as a Teacher in Nutrition Therapy at the Academy of Nursing

·        Worked as a Nutritionist in the Armed Forces Hospitals.

·        Worked as an Official in the Department of Internal Digestion, Heart and Diabetes.

·        Worked as a Teacher of Nutritional Therapy at the Academy of Military Medicine.

·        Worked as a Nutritionist in Badr Investment Hospitals

·        Trained as a Nutritionist at Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital

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