PsyD Zakareya Fakhoury

PsyD Zakareya Fakhoury


Specialized in:

All Family and Marital Problems and Relationship Problems


• Holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Family Counseling from Canada.

• Attended a training course in short therapy and anecdotal therapy.

• Holds the Stanford Binet application, the fifth picture, the Egyptian Association of Psychologists - Ranem.

• Holds a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming from the Canadian Center for Studies and Human Development

• Holds a Montessori diploma in raising children from the American Center for Montessori Education

• Received the challenges of psychological treatment errors and failures from the Egyptian Association of Psychologists - Ranem

• Holds a certificate of professionalism, craftsmanship, and confidence from the Paul Weitz Training Center - Toronto - CanadaProfessional

• Has a mental health training program

• Obtained a course in narrative therapy

• Holds a course in commitment and acceptance therapy

• Holds a course in trauma treatment


• Practical experience from the year (2000) until now in the field of training, education, and consultancy.

• Founder of Al-Fokhari Center for Family Counseling and Human Development - Cairo 2007.

• Member of the Association of Psychologists in Canada.

• Member of the College of Psychotherapists in Canada.

• Member of the Egyptian Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

• Member of the Canadian Association of Psychotherapists and Consultants

• Member of the International Association of Psychological Consultants.


one year ago

I am grateful to have met Dr. Zacharia. There aren't enough words to describe how good this experience is. Very thoughtful and professional and humble and experienced.. very respectful and I am sure this is going to be life changing!Looking forward for more sessions

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